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Security & Camera Systems


                There are many benefitial factors to having a security system in place. First and foremost is the peace of mind you'll get from a security system. Guarding your belongings, property and individuals while deterring crime are excellent motivators to installing a system in your location. 

                T & L Communications has the technicians needed to professionally install the latest and greatest security systems on the market. We're here to help with design, purchase and install of your own security systems. We provide parts, offer training for your installation, provide a technnician to assist in programming the system, setting up user access codes, connecting the system to a central station for notification and dispatch of appropriate law inforcement personel. Service with us includes 24 Hr monitoring of fire and security systems by our UL Listed Central Station.

  Let us help you increase your safety and security!

Residential or Commercial, we can provide, install and monitor a system that fits your needs!

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